Ephemeral Manoeuvres

Ephemeral Manoeuvres born as an only vinyl own project of Agnosia, who wants to explain his own vision about music. Agnosia inspires his sound in elements from Shoegaze, Post-rock, Dreampop and Techno. His style is ephemeral, fuzzy, romantic and melancholic, building opressive landscapes and dreamy sensations to his productions. The themes about the releases are ever focused in first person stories or sensations and complemented with a vision of another artist in each release, whom they have to intercept the vision of Agnosia and drive it more lightningh, dark, powerful or soft depends on the concept of the release and the point of action. Agnosia begans this project three years ago, trying to find a new sound, inspired for the new era of Shoegazer and Dreampop artists like The Sight Below, Belong or Six Six Seconds, they started to create atmospheres full of fuzz and soft distortions. The finality of this project is to do a deep look into the origins of our soul, our dreams, and our fears or desires. Two years ago they began to mix Techno with Shoegaze influences, adding fuzzy guitar melodies and forcefulness grooves into the same tracks. The result it’s calm down in atmospheres but hard in grooves, this combination creates a atmospheric tension great to explain his own vision of this sentimental and deep concepts about the releases The artworks are created by SILICA, half-part of Agnosia and are strictly relacionated to the full project, the sounds and the concept of the albums as the same with the titles of the tracks.