Solid Groove

Solid Groove was set up in 1991 by Aubrey as a platform to release his own material due to a lack of interest from other labels at the time. From the period of 1991 to 2003 there were 30 vinyl releases including the very first release by Mark Ambrose which fetches very high discogs prices. Mr Derrick May used the track Shimmer from Solid Groove 005 on his famous mix up for Sony records Japan, and many ep's are sought after and have become rare classics. Aubrey shut the label down in 2003 due to the advent of the MP3 and falling vinyl sales, but re launched it in 2014 with a joint ep from the Metroplex boss and artist, Kimyon Huggins. Since the re launch there have been two more ep's, one original track by Aubrey (Crimson Nebular) with remixes by Exos, Lee Holman and Ed Davenport. The following SG-33 is a killer three track release by Russian artist, Unbalance featuring a remix by label boss Aubrey. 2016 see's the label still going strong with a new three track ep by Aubrey planned in July.