The label points to the Earth, to its rocky crust and its biological contents, to the strata that have given rise to life, but also to its visionary aspect, the magnificence of magical and imaginary places. There one finds a balance that speaks of the Earth and its rocks, and in particular of our mountains but via the first photos of the 1800’s, of their summits, photos taken with the incredible effort of the pioneering mountaineers who not only were the first to reach those summits with the poor techniques and equipment of those early days, but also succeeded in capturing the first pictures using enormous and heavy cameras. The label is oriented to the acoustics of the “techno” ambience and is in continual search of the explorations that accompany the hypnotic journey towards subterranean and submerged worlds. The search of the acoustics is aimed at a journey that is first of all introspective having as its goal the attainment of a state of calm.