A Dazzling Awareness
A Dazzling Awareness

Artist: Agnosia

Title: A Dazzling Awareness

Label: Ephemeral Manoeuvres

Cat. n°: EMV002

Genre: Techno

Release Date: 24/04/2017

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A Dazzling Awareness, an imperfect awakening of the senses. Have you ever been in that situation, when you can't percept anything all around you and your own mind is into a state of reverie? Where you can only feel the pain of being lost in your own space ? Well, this is the moment to go ahead and fight face to face to your unconscious. Meaningless ideas, coming to your head, stunning your feelings, and now you can feel a harbinger, to a dramatic state of life. Be brave, be strong. Wake yourself up in a way to escape and, find a meaning to feel alive and feel your senses once again. Faith will guide you into the path of light, and then, that light will lead you to the journey of the perfect daydream.


  1. 1 | A1 - Agnosia - Senseless
  2. 2 | A2 - Agnosia - Harbinger of Tragedy
  3. 3 | B1 - Agnosia - Faithful Isolation
  4. 4 | B2 - Agnosia - Faithful Isolation (Von Grall Faithless Vision)