Anatomia del Cavallo
Anatomia del Cavallo

Artist: Adiel

Title: Anatomia del Cavallo

Label: Danza Tribale

Cat. n°: DNTZ001

Genre: House, Techno

Release Date: 25/11/2016

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“Anatomia del cavallo”, three tracks’ EP, out on Danza Tribale, new label founded by Adiel, roman Dj and producer.

As a shaman lady, she guides us through her rite of passage into a mental sonic flow.

The mingling of ancient tribal dances and nowdays techno.

A humans’ story about their origins. The archetype’s narration, on how space and time feed the body, a true rite of passage where this three tracks represent the three levels’ rite: separation, transition and incorporation.


“Anatomia del cavallo”. The vocal followed by a cyclic bass, rests on atmospheric textures. Wood and rims wake us up. Drum kick 909 and tom. Basslines create hypnotic patterns. Drop down that suspend the atmosphere getting us back on earth through minimal rhythmics that accentuate ancestral grooves.

“Il cavallo”, a liminal space, where we get through a symbolic passage made of 808 and 909 ’s classic sounds, synths that oscillate from background to foreground, leading to upbeat percussions.

The rhythmic pause pushes out of the dark and synths open up creating sensual atmospheric levels.

Six minutes and thirty-five seconds of pure mentalism reflects the hyperuranium.

“Tecniche”, the third phase, the incorporation one, with an elegant and clear sound, where percussions constantly change creating polyphonic interweaves. The kick is straight, hard, rhythmic, throbbing. Rims bang, dissolving in a deep loop and atmospheric levels. A vocal spectrum gets to life and slowly deep into our mind leaving the place to magnetic drums.

A combination of ancestral sounds and techno.

Ethnicism melted to the more drastic digital modernism.


  1. 1 | A1 - Adiel - Anatomia del Cavallo
  2. 2 | A2 - Adiel - Il Cavallo
  3. 3 | B1 - Adiel - Tecniche