Points of Contact
Points of Contact

Artist: Edit Select

Title: Points of Contact

Label: Substrato

Cat. n°: SUB004

Genre: Techno

Release Date: 27/01/2017

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Substrato Records features techno veteran Edit Select on its most recent release, Points Of Contact. The EP is in line with Substrato’s signature sound – stripped down hypnotic percussion with deep ties to techno’s past. At the EP’s outset, Edit Select layers straightforward loops into complex textures, weaving careening synth lines through skittering hi hats and driving kicks. Faction 1.1 brings the composition to a subdued close with warm, thrumming percussion that evokes a propulsive ethereality. At its fourth release, Substrato has firmly established itself as a techno label adept at driving techno with psychedelic, shamanistic impulses.


  1. 1 | A1 - Edit Select - Faction
  2. 2 | A2 - Edit Select - Tangent
  3. 3 | B1 - Edit Select Faction 1.1