Truth is silence
Truth is silence


Title: Truth is silence

Label: Substrato

Cat. n°: SUB005

Genre: Techno

Release Date: 01/01/1970

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Substrato Records, the label known for its sharpness in quality ambient techno, returns with Truth Is Silence EP, produced by the Italian veterans The label’s sonic exploration of earthy elements take us into a cold, introspective journey in the occasion of their 5th edition. The duo explores dark rhythmic atmospheres & opens with the finely crafted Language Of An Inner World, that is followed by a fusion of wrecked synth tones & the eerie sounds of How We Learn Reality. On the flip side, Word As Sound, Sound As Word and Here And Now enhance the spectral side of the release, offering an immersive listening throughout the EP. combine textures to layered techno sounds, and establish themselves once again as a true force of atmospheric and dark techno, firmly proved with this keen-edged release.


  1. 1 | A1 - Retina - Language of an inner World
  2. 2 | A2 - Retina - How we learn reality
  3. 3 | B1 - Retina - Word as sound, sound as word
  4. 4 | B2 - Retina - Here and Now