“Spain is the nation where techno is a law. Today we’re proud to introduce a producer who makes the rules: Svreca”

Let’s start with what your musical influences are and how you got close to electronic music.

Talking about djs is how this started to me; Oscar Mulero and Angel Molina was the strongest influences behind the decks for me, and during a long time I researched into the music they played.

In my opinion, but I think it’s common opinion, the spanish techno scene is the most active and with the highest quality, with many new great artists and it produces really great stuff. As you are one of the most important artists, tell us about this turmoil in your Country. 

I´m not sure how other people see the spanish techno scene, but I think we live now the worst moment for techno and night life.
I believe Spain is one of those countries that live a cultural regresión, and is something you can easily feel at the clubs. Of course, you will see clearly this at the schools and understand why Spain ahead european list of students who drop out.

Semantica is one of the best techno label in the world, it has in its roster many artists that made techno and electronic music history, like Surgeon, Vadislaw Deelay, Regis and Oscar Mulero, but also many new young producers… Tell us about this project: How did it start?

I started Semantica as a reflection of my own taste in music and design. 8 years later, there´s a lot of things has changed on the label but I keep the same precept.

What do you see in its future?

I don’t think too much about future. Maybe I work between 1-3 months vista, which is enough to schedule a label. If something is out of this interval, is possible I forgot it.

Your label is absolutely one of the most active, with more than one release per month, and I think every release is a high-quality one, what’s the meaning behind this choice?

I take a lot of time to decide about every release. Sometimes I feel a little bit guilty to reject tracks looking for a better 12″ or to hold a release some time more delaying the release date.

Let’s go back to your work, how would you describe your musical style? What do you want to communicate with your productions?

I don’t think I have a musical style yet. Or maybe I´m trying to avoid that.
It depends of each track. I don´t have a common message for my music.

You are an acclaimed producer, and you also have a very solid label now… What do you see in your future? Do you have new projects in your mind?

I´m retouching my new 12” on Semantica and working on a few remixes. Nothing more to unveil.

What’s the coolest festival or venue or club you ever played?

Konvent Cal Rosal, Berghain and Labyrinth.

It’s been few years now that the techno music regained its power worldwide, with new festivals, new producers and new labels… How do you see this moment?

I think is a great moment for techno productions, with a lot of different tendences, labels and producers involved. Let´s see what happen in the next years.

Which are your 5 Techno records?

This change every week.

-Dozzy – Terzo Giorno – Stroboscopic Artefacts

-Rrose – Eating the Other [EAUX591]

-Function / Inland – Odeon / Rhyl – Infrastructure

-PMH – Aqua (feat. Regis Remix) – Finitude Music

-Woo York – I Am Against (Phase Remix) – Soma


Svreca (Semantica) – ES