A small talk with the author of the killer remix for Marcel Fengler’s Traspass and of the superb Floating point 7 ep on Ferox, just to remember that Aubrey is still here and rocking…

You have been one of the first witness and protagonist of the birth of the rave culture movement in England between the 80’s and 90’s. What did you play at the time and which were the tracks that introduced you into techno music?

The first things I got into were hip hop and funk and soul, but heard Washing Machine by Larry Heard when I was 14 and it sort of changed everything, the of course the Juan Atkins and Derrick May and all the Nu Groove, Trax, Gherkin etc etc

Before you moved to Spain in 2003 you were giving music lectures at the college which let you elaborate your music experience into another level. How would you define the differences between the music genres that influenced you the most, such as Chicago, Tech-House and Techno? Do you think they distinguish themselves by technical details or by their conception and function of rhythm?

There is a huge difference between Chicago/Detroit and all the city’s and sounds, I cant say why that is, but thats what makes it interesting.

Your productions seem to have a tight link to the historical-genealogical side of electronic dance music, they ring “classic” and I think it’s because of your sound. Which is your favorite instrumentation?

I suppose growing up at the time that I did, thats what influenced my sound, and to be honest I think a lot of these tracks still have a better feeling that what a lot of new artists are making now, I always try to add that into my tracks, if it works or not, who knows.

Now that you are back in UK how do consider the contemporary electronic music scene and, particularly, the Techno evolution?

It’s great that Techno music is more popular, lets hope it does not blow it’s self out and become overground and kept to the true spirit and soul, thats something I think has changed with the new music, there seems to be less soul in it and it’s more about the drums, I miss the melodies that were prolific in the older stuff.

Projects for the future?

A lot of remixes for big artists, including a remix coming on the best label in the world for me Metroplex, and if I ever get time, a third LP, as i’ve not released one since 2001.


Aubrey (Solid Groove) – UK

Andrea Lisi