Orlando Voorn is the iconic type of expert and tireless helmsman who never loses sight of the goal of the promised land. For whom technology is the providential means to realize the dream of a total work of art where personal skills and variety of inspirations dissolve in perfect chord. The dream of an era and a story of which he has been protagonist and that still never ceases to charm and seduce.

I listened to your set of the 80’s and you were a skilfull DJ; mixing hip-hop and rock. What really stood out was the perfect blend in the mix, as well as the control over what you were doing. Do you think in Electronic Dance Music, the ability to control the sonic material as well as the attention over the people dancing are part of the same aesthetic, like in similar genres such as Techno or House?

For myself it is nice to here a good dj blending good with the records period. The thing is that quality is something personal…What i found interesting or gives me a kick, someone else might totally dislike it. It’s a matter of taste and skill…not everyone is interested in skills …lot of people that go out just wanna have a good night out.
As far as production go i am a music lover period so i can accept a lot of style…even in some of the worst genres there will be one or two very good records of that genre even tho it might not be your cup of tea.

Black DJ’s have always been pioneers in mixing and confronting with the latest technology. What do you think is the reason for this? Is there any particular reason?

DJing is a world wide thing and I don’t think it is a color thing… 
technology is a blessing as well as a curse…things progress very swift and people either catch up or they stick to the Basics where it all started. Vinyl records two turntables and a mixer. My self like best of both worlds. I love to experiment with things.

You had the opportunity of working with Juan Atkinson, considered the father of the word “Techno”, to define the Detroit sound. Why do you think he chooses this word so closely linked to technology and why he linked his concept to something that is utilitarian and productive? Instead of perhaps linking it to the the traditional artistic idea of freedom and spontaneous creativity?

Techno stems from Technology and it makes sense cause always the 
Technology improved equipment wise and it was suddenly able to make tunes with Machines instead of using a band. But freedom and creativity without compromise is what Juan Atkins presented and these values are still high in my book.

In Detroit Techno, and in most of your music, the rhythms are often combined with melodic elements and synth textures that seem to evoke a spiritual, rather than simply a physical state, a request for movement. Someone has coined the term,“High Tech Soul”. What level of spirituality do you consider in this type of music?

High Tech Soul to me is adventurous Soul music made with machines but you forget about machines when u listen to it…it is like a one man band cloning himself to play all instruments. Or you put a couple minds together that understand each other but all have different approach you can create new fresh ideas.
I need goosebumps when hearing high tech soul productions.

House Music is full of references to the Gospel, the idea of an almost mystical communion between all participants to the party. But, Techno Music adds, or subtracts, something else. Do you agree? If so, what is lost or gained?

It all depends what u represent, House music is often vocal and great 
music to sing gospel too. It is also more friendly music and lower tempo 
then techno.
However techno mostly is instrumental and there are many forms of 
Techno so that is just a musical expression…i can be in a pissed mood 
and reflect that in a track.
Or i can be in a funky or deep vibe that will reflect for sure.

Why do you think rhythm is so central in contemporary music?

Rhythem is the Basis of music period…you ain’t got no rhythm then go 
do something else :)

Do you see important differences in sensitivity between the new generation of producers and those like you who have helped to shape the Techno genre? Would you recommend any new producer?

Right now i have a bed of productions on my belt i am changing course 
and setting up labels to sign other artists and give them a oppertunity to show what they got and I support it with a remix. Newer generation a 
lot of them are very skilled and willing to go that extra mile to bring 
their best.
Every artist i sign i picked their best work and remixed or will remix it

After releasing an incredible amount of quality records under countless pseudonyms and working with many notable artists, what are you planning for your future? Do you have any particular projects coming up?

I have an album coming out on OUT-ER and will be dropped in a couple days. Also working on an Album for Rush hour and A EP with Third Ear Recordings which will come out later this year. Further more I will handle Nighttripper Records & Soul Survivor Records with Re.Birth Distribution, Divine Records & OV Records will be done with RAWAX Distribution and Nightvision will be handled by Subwax.

Suggest who gets to listen and dance to Techno the right attitude to get into it.

You can’t teach additude either you have it or you don’t…a lot of simple souls on earth so therefor also a big amount of simple music.
As long your own focus is to have fun then go for what you like.


Orlando Voorn (OV Records) – NL

Andrea Lisi